Community Garden

At Life Stream we are dedicated to doing our best to steward the earth which we have been given. It is our hope to create a place where the community can come together to grow good things.

Our garden is comprised of raised beds that measure 4’x4′ using the square foot gardening method. You can grow an amazing amount of produce in a small space. You will be responsible to keep your bed looking nice and to clean it out at the end of the season. The cost is $10 to rent the bed for one year to help pay for the water, tools etc. There is not a lot of maintenance or weeds in each garden box because they are raised garden beds. The beds are already built and filled with soil so all you need to do is plant your veggie seeds/plants. We also have a compost pile. If there is not enough rainfall you will be able to water your bed via a hose/watering can. We would love to see people donate some of their produce back to the community, but that is not a requirement.

We would love to have you join us in this great community endeavor. You may sign up for a box each Spring – information will be available in the Café starting in April. Payment can be made at the time of sign up. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Dawn Tolar and she will assist you.