In ancient times, baptism became a symbol to the world that a person was a follower of Jesus and His way of life. It was a physical symbol of an inward change. When a person was lowered into the water and brought back out it was a symbol of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Today, as in ancient times we follow the same traditions. Baptism is a shedding of our old life, our old choices. By making the decision to be baptized we are proclaiming our desire to live for God. We choose relationship with God. And this is possible because of what Jesus did for us; for all of us. Because of the significance of this choice to be baptized, we choose to baptize those who are a mature middle school age and older. We offer child dedication services for parents who desire to make a public commitment to raising their children to be followers of Christ. These special baptism and child dedication services happen several times per year.

If you would like to talk to someone about being baptized or dedicating your child to Christ, please call the church office at 616.777.0365 or complete our baptism interest form, and someone will contact you shortly. We look forward to talking to you about this great next step in your journey with Christ.