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Short term classes, long term benefits!

 Grow in faith and knowledge when you take a class at Life Stream! There are a variety of topical and practical classes to choose from, from one-night seminars to multi-week studies. Our teachers brings their expertise and faith in Jesus into the classroom, and are passionate about their topics.

Circle strip
Bible discussion group
Dancing Lessons
Online meeting


Babies & Bibles

w/ Lori Bond

This class is for parent and child, infant to 3 1/2 years old. We use music, movement, playing instruments, prayer, and fellowship to create a unique worship experience for the youngest members of our church family

Bible for the Rest of Us

w/ Duane Roach

Led by our online coordinator, Duane Roach, in this class we select a passage of scripture, examine it verse by verse, and pull out God's truth. This is a great way to help you learn your Bible and read deeper into the original context of Scripture.


w/ Marin Cerchez

We will do three sessions and each of them will address one popular apologetics topic.

Week 1: Historical Reliability of the Bible

Week 2: Intelligent Design vs. Evolution

Week 3: Moral Argument for the Existence of God

Couples Groove

w/ Angie Yetzke

This is an opportunity for married and engaged couples to learn about God’s design for marriage through movement, rhythm and dance. Moving together brings deepened trust and intimacy and expanded communication with focus on the present rather than the past. Not a dancer? Not a problem! Focus will be on connection, fun and building positive tension. Wear comfy clothes that you can move in. Learn more at https://angieyetzke.com/ couples/.

Membership Class

w/ Pastor Jim Maness

In this class, we will cover good theology, DNA of our church family, why we do what we do, and how you can become more deeply connected. Learn about Life Stream Church, the global community of those who believe Jesus Christ is the one true God, and how you can connect and grow in this community of believers.


Groundwork for Couples

w/ Jim & Laura Brazel

These sessions are open to pre-married couples, newly married couples, or any couples that wish to build the foundations for a God-honoring marriage relationship. Walk through the key areas of communication, conflict resolution, family backgrounds and personality types, all through a biblical lens. This is a special edition of Groundwork for Couples as we will also spend time talking about divorce recovery and second marriages.