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Global Missions

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Life Stream partners with global mission agencies.

We are committed to bringing renewal and hope in the name of Jesus as we serve to meet the needs of our world’s most vulnerable populations.

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Children’s Hope Chest is an international agency that exists to glorify God by releasing the potential of orphaned and impoverished children and their communities. Life Stream partners specifically with the Kostroma CarePoint, a ministry center for orphaned teens in Russia. Around the age of 16, orphans in Russia “graduate" from the orphanage system and are left to fend for themselves. The risk of abuse and mistreatment for these vulnerable kids is high. Just prior to that moment, CarePoint volunteers meet with them and remind them about the services Kostroma CarePoint provides. This is a crucial step in saving some of these orphans from being taken advantage of or stolen from. 


The CarePoint also serves as a drop-in center, offering a place of refuge during the day, counseling services, a family community, food, and job training, among other services. The staff and students at the CarePoint are a family for these orphans and help them to get started in their new lives so they can become valuable members of their community.

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Good News for Asia logo

Partnering with Good News For Asia allows Life Stream a direct link to serving children, families, and widows while bringing the Gospel and serving the poor throughout Asia. GNFA exists to make disciples of Jesus in everything they do and fulfill their mission to 'Reach people for Christ'. Amid the Covid pandemic they have served those experiencing health needs and food shortages.


GNFA works in India, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and South Korea. Their dedicated staff of 200 shares Christ through 110 churches, 3 Christian schools, and  4 orphanages. It is their desire to serve the poorest of the poor, meeting physical and spiritual needs for the Kingdom of God.

Paradise Bound logo

The essence of Paradise Bound is to continue the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ. Accomplishing this through His primary example of ministering to physical needs first—thus earning love, respect, and the opportunity to present His word. Ultimately, they strive in everything to radiate the name, the essence, and the gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


Over the years, Life Stream has taken several groups to Guatemala for their mission trip experience, a life changing 8-day experience that includes volunteering in home construction, medical clinics, and Gospel presentations. Participate at whatever level you can, no matter your age or ability. The Covid pandemic has prevented us from traveling for the last year, but we hope to have a trip organized in the near future.

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