+ Discover Life Stream workshop

Our Discover Life Stream workshop is an opportunity to help you on your faith journey. Workshops are scheduled several times throughout the year and are announced on the website, in the bulletin, and in the weekly connections email. Our next Discover Life Stream workshop will be held on Sunday, April 14 at 11am.

+ Membership Class

This class is a great overview of where we have come and also where we see God taking us as a body of believers in Jesus. 2019 Membership Classes will be held Wednesday, April 24 and Sunday, April 28. You may choose to attend either class. Both classes will begin at 6pm and are held in Room #119 (please use Entrance A). Childcare is available for each class. Register today!

+ Membership Questionnaire

The third and final step to take in becoming a member is to fill out the Membership Questionnaire or Covenant. This form helps us to understand your story and your relationship with Jesus. It gives us a chance to celebrate with you that very significant relationship that you have with Him.

Within the historical framework of God’s story told through Scripture, runs the theme of covenant relationship.  A covenant relationship is basically an agreement between two parties.  Certain expectations are held on each side.  The biblical text describes times in which God entered into a covenant relationship with people throughout history, including Noah, Abram and the people of Israel.  Finally, God made a way for all of us to enter into His Story by sending his Son Jesus Christ. The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus created a new covenant by which we can all be saved.  We receive salvation and then as a result give our lives in devotion to Him.

Membership at Life Stream is a way in which we celebrate together the sacred bond of covenant relationship.  We strive to create a place where you are able to become more like Jesus, to learn where you fit in God’s great story.  At Life Stream you will learn from God’s Word and you will have opportunities to grow in your relationship with Him and with others within our community.  In turn you will be able to give of yourself to others by offering your gifts and talents to serve God.