Faith in Action

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
— I Peter 5:7, NIV

My grandmother was gifted with hospitality. I remember as a child gazing at the tables she would set for her guests and appreciating how special she wanted them to feel. The plates, glasses and silverware were set with great care and centerpieces were always beautiful and made in such a way that guests could see each other while still enjoying the beauty. Salads and main dishes were a work of art and placed before each person with love. I remember my grandfather would proudly set up his camera and carefully shoot pictures of the table as if to memorialize each moment.

But there was another guest which my grandma entertained in her life and that was worry. While on one level she knew the destructiveness of allowing worry and anxiety a place at the table, she could never seem to overcome the temptation to give it an honored seat. My grandma loved Jesus and believed in God with all her heart. But that love did not stop her from inviting worry as a guest in her heart too.

The legacy my grandma left her children and the following generations was, without a doubt one of the greatest you can leave and that is a passion for Jesus. I am thankful every day for her example and aware too that the struggles she had with worry and anxiety do not have to be my own. Each of us has a choice to make in what we receive from those who have gone before in the faith.

Of course, it is easy to say, but quite another thing to do. But God has given us the ability to claim victory over our fear and worry. I Peter 5:7 is one such place which guides the believer with a practical action plan. The verse reads: “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” The word “cast” in the Greek literally means to deliberately toss quickly. The idea is that, unlike a motion which is deliberate and carefully planned, the word “cast” in this context means to get rid of it quickly, almost without thinking.

Reading this description brought to mind what we would do if someone were to throw us a hot coal. If this were to happen we would not under any circumstances take the time to hold it and then plan where we are going to throw it. Quite the opposite is true! We would hurl it away without even thinking because not to do so would cause great harm. This is the image we have in this verse. Worry and anxiety are to be tossed like a hot coal to Jesus who is able to take those anxieties without harm to Himself. Anxiety and fear will literally damage your mind and your spirit if you hold on to them, if you entertain them or give them a place at the table.

Let us make every effort to cast our cares on Him because He cares for us!