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Sermon Sidekick

More than just a Sunday thing!

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Sermon Sidekick resources help you take the weekend's teaching into your week.

Sidekick Videos to help "bring home" the teaching. Deeper Dive Studies for those who want to explore more deeply. Sidekick Journals for sermon notes and journaling.  

Because living out your faith is so much more than "just a Sunday thing"!


Current Series: Healthy Habits

January 8 - 29

Deeper Dive Studies

Opportunities to "dive deeper" into the week's topic! Deeper Dive Studies are developed and written by Duane Roach, Online Ministries Coordinator at Life Stream Church.

Sermon Sidekick

Sermon Sidekick

Sermon Sidekick

Don’t have a sermon sidekick journal yet? Pick one up at the service you attend, or we can send you one - just click the button below. The journal includes pages for:


Sermon Notes   |   Journaling   |   Prayer   |   Devotions

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