Sermon Sidekick

More than just a Sunday thing!

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Sermon Sidekick resources help you take the weekend's teaching into your week.

Sidekick Videos and "Deeper Dive" devotionals give extra insight and food for thought as you seek to live and share The Story of God in your daily life. The Sidekick Journal provides a devotional word, pages for journaling, and guidance for your prayer times. 

Because living out your faith is so much more than "just a Sunday thing"!

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Current Series: Corinthians Part 2

July 11 - August 15

Deeper Dive Devotionals

Opportunities for further study of the week's topic

Sermon Sidekick

Sermon Sidekick

Sermon Sidekick

Don’t have a sermon sidekick journal yet? Pick one up at the Welcome Center, or we can send you one - just click the button below. The journal includes pages for:


Sermon Notes   |   Journaling   |   Prayer   |   And more!