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Join Shift on Sunday Nights at 6:00pm  (Use entrance B)

Join Shift on Sunday Nights at 6:00pm
(Use entrance B)

 SHIFT // Grades 6-8

Shift is our middle school program, led by Pastor Josh, where students can come to have fun all while learning about Jesus Christ. We have an amazing team of invested small group leaders who can’t wait to meet you and get to know you. 

Students will usually experience games, bible lessons, worship, prayer and small groups on a typical night. There are also times for hanging out, game room, open gym and the media room. Also, keep an eye out for special events like our Interactive Grinch movie night and Nerf nights. Shift meets Sunday nights from 6-8pm. Use Entrance B, C. or E toward the east end of the building.

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Join Identity on Sunday Nights at 6:00pm  (Use entrance E)

Join Identity on Sunday Nights at 6:00pm
(Use entrance E)


Identity is our high school ministry and is led by Pastor Chris along with adult volunteers. The three main goals of Identity are to go to heaven and take as many with us as we can, to help students look more like Jesus tomorrow than they do today, and to create an atmosphere that resembles heaven. Sunday nights are filled with music, laughter, encouragement and sharing as our kids learn to lean on God and each other. Identity meets Sunday nights 6pm-8pm at Life Stream's Central Campus.

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Tuff Stuff is a topical Bible study in which students are encouraged to ask the really tough questions. Pastor Chris takes the group through Scripture as they search for answers and openly discuss what it means to be a believer in the culture in which we live. Tuff Stuff meets Wednesdays at 8pm in The Studio at Life Stream. 


 Student Mission Trips


Shift Summer Mission Trip Info

MISSION TRIP INFORMATION This year our Shift (Middle School) Mission Trip will be right in our own backyard, Grand Rapids, Michigan from June 23-28, 2019. We are hoping to have a great turnout, as it is so close by!

REGISTRATION • Go to Managed Missions here

• This link will take you to a page with three options. If you went on the Indy Mission Trip, you already have a log in from last year. If this is your first mission trip through Life Stream, select the third option, which is "I don't have a Managed Missions login."
• Enter your email address, and then you will receive an email with login information and instructions on how to complete your application.
• After we have received your application, you will be able to create your own public profile. Add a photo and some information about yourself, and what you are looking forward to about the trip!
• Once you have registered on Managed Missions, you will need to register on the Group Mission Trips page. Follow this link to get started:


• You will be able to use your own personal profile link with Managed Missions, and people can contribute directly to your account online. We will also have donation envelopes available at Shift meetings for cash or checks.

• A sample letter that you can send to friends and family can be found here, make sure to edit the letter to include the date, your name, contact information, and your profile link from Managed Missions.


• Students will receive $7 per hour credited to their accounts up to $70 or 10 hours.

• Students MUST sign up in advance on SignUpGenius. Students also must sign in and out at Ripple Effect to be credited for their time. They will not get payment if they are not signed up for the shift on SignUpGenius!!

• Shifts at Ripple Effect will begin now and will go until the first of March. Don't wait to sign up, as shifts WILL fill quickly!!

• Let us know if you are unable to make it to your scheduled time slot by calling Ripple Effect at (616) 895-4033.

This year the church will not be buying candy bars for fundraising. If that was a good fundraiser for your student last year, the candy bar sales boxes are available at Gordon Food Service.

Please let us know if you have any questions! We would love to help in any way we can!

Josh Dollendorf // Chelsea Darling



Identity Summer 2019 Mission Trip Info

June 15 - 21, 2019

Grand Rapids, Michigan Each summer, our high school ministry takes time to participate in a significant and often life changing Mission trip. We rotate between an international, regional and local destination for these trips. This year, we are going right down the street to down town Grand Rapids. Even though this is not an “exotic” location, the need for the light of Christ is great.

We are excited for this Summer's Identity Mission Trip. Our 9th-12th grade students are partnering with Group Missions. Even though it’s easy to see the beauty of Grand Rapids, the city did not survive the nation’s recession untouched. Living in one of the cities hit hardest by the economic problems, the people of Grand Rapids have struggled through failed industries and unemployment. Please be in Prayer for your involvement in this mission opportunity, or those participating in the trip, and most importantly those who we will be ministering to.

Sunday, June 16, 2019 We plan to leave Life Stream in the morning, and arrive in Grand Rapids for the rest of the week.

Friday, June 21, 2019 Mission trip final day

COSTS// The cost of this trip is $299 and includes travel costs, lodging, and meals.

Sunday, April 14, 2019 Deposit of $150 will be due. Please do not let finances be a barrier to your student's participation; contact us if you need assistance

Sunday, May 12, 2019 Final payment of $149 is due

How You'll Serve As our team members enter into the lives of others and build relationships with the people of Grand Rapids, they’ll experience God working through them at projects such as these:
• Assist a neighborhood association by landscaping, painting, cleaning, clearing alleys, working with residents that are shut-ins (seniors that are ill or recovering), and low-income persons/families. • Serve at an assisted living facility doing yard work (mulching, weeding, planting flowers), playing games and visiting with residents. • Build relationships with kids in the community by playing indoor and outdoor games, making crafts and going on afternoon off site field trips together. • Enjoy learning about growing food! Students will be weeding and learning about all different types of crops; many of which go to nourish local people who are in. • Serve at a therapeutic horse center! Serve the kids and adults that come here that are struggling with social, emotional, physical, and mental disabilities. Maintain the grounds, brush the horses and help to fill the hay barns. • Help residents by painting addresses on homes, planting flowers, landscaping, and other tasks to beautify their homes. We will get to serve seniors and play with local kids.
• Help the hungry and homeless by sorting donated food products, repackaging food, and serving meals at the local food pantry. • Help out with various activities around a youth camp including games and activities for the campers, minor painting, landscaping, and other day-to-day tasks!

Our Partners We have a Local Coordinator in Grand Rapids that maintains connections throughout the year with the organizations that we serve so that our service and relationships are sustainable. You may meet them during your week as they pop in and out.

What to Bring Students need to bring air mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows and other bedding to sleep on floors. Youth groups are assigned to sleeping rooms together, gender separate. Sleeping rooms may be shared with other youth groups, depending on the size of groups and the size of the room.

Air-conditioning: Each location is different, but sometimes there is NOT air-conditioning. We serve where we are needed, and, in some areas, churches just can’t afford air-conditioning. Even if your lodging facility does have AC, it’s a good idea to still plan on bringing fans as a backup. They are nice for white noise in a crowded sleeping area!

Showers: Often our church facilities do not have adequate indoor showers. We will always ensure showers are available, and they will always be separated by gender, but we do need to get creative in some locations. Showers may be a combination of inside showers, outside showers, and/or showers at a nearby school, YMCA, or an organization that we are serving at. Please remember to bring swimsuits so you are ready for any situation!

How to register: Please go to the following links. Group link is for the Group Missions the organization we are partnering with. The Managed missions link is for Life Stream. If you have any questions, feel free to email Nancy Dyke.

Group Link

Managed Mission Link