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Our History


Welcome to our 170-year-old church plant!

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Life Stream was originally founded as Allendale Wesleyan Church in 1851 by 9 founding members first meeting in a West Michigan farmhouse. Since then, our home has been several church buildings, schools and community centers as our church grew into its current identity.

After considering the options God provided our growing community over the last few years, our West Michigan campus is once again in a “school.” Having recently transformed the old Allendale High School into a state-of-the art worship and community center, Life Stream looks forward to how God will have us use the resources and tools He has provided.

So how does a century and a half old church remain relevant to today’s culture, vibrant and growing? How does a church embrace being a multi-generational community of believers who understand that BEING the church is so much more important than just playing church?

Life Stream has decided to not act our age. We feel called by God to be a church plant. We embrace our community and culture with open arms and energy some feel only possible with brand new churches.

Our teaching is compelling, worship inspiring and our people are open, welcoming and friendly.

Playing guitar

We can’t wait to share with you what God has been up to in the life of Life Stream Church and more importantly, His message of Grace, Forgiveness, Love and Hope.

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Meet The Team

Wes Coffey_CircleCrop.jpg

Wes Coffey

Interim Sr. Pastor


Chandler Stevens

Young Adult Pastor

Lori Bond

Lori Bond

Creative Arts Director


Duke Schut

Finance Coordinator


Rob Coffey

Facilities Staff


Mikal MacDonald

Custodial Staff


Aaron Spratling

Executive Pastor

Jaime Sheridan

Jaime Sheridan

Facilities and Guest Services Coordinator


Lexi Hunt

Communications Coordinator


Braden DeVree

Video Engineer


Steve LaBrecque

Facilities Staff


Rachel Hugg

Custodial Staff

Jeff Bond

Jeff Bond

Worship Arts Pastor / Technology Director


Lexi Keur

Middle School Director


Brett Cullen

Production Engineer


Duane Roach

Online Campus Coordinator

Chelsea Darling

Chelsea Darling

Executive Assistant

Joan Kleinjans

Joan Kleinjans

Custodial Staff

Dollenforf - circle2.jpg

Josh Dollendorf

Generations Pastor

Nancy Dyke

Nancy Dyke

Office Coordinator


Katie MacDonald

Kids Director


Katelyn VerStrate

Worship/Tech Assistant

Postma-Megan - Circle.jpg

Megan Postma

Generations Assistant


Local Church Board

Tom Bruins - Vice-Chairperson

Tim Batdorff - Treasurer

Ellen Scripsema - Member at Large

Laurie Jonkman - Member at Large

Sarah Minner - Member at Large

Steven Kessler - Member at Large

Kristin Meyer - Member at Large

Jim Brazel - Member at Large

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