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Life Stream Young Adults
Ages 18-30

Whether you are a college student, in the workforce, or a young married couple, this is the place for you! We meet regularly in small groups and all together to worship, eat meals, and hang out!


We understand that the young adult years are some of the most difficult to find community!
Because of this, we gather regularly in small groups to meet with friends and meet with Jesus!

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Once per month, all our small groups gather together at church for an event. Whether it is a worship night focused on encountering God, or a Superbowl party filled with laughter and fun, you can expect to meet friends and find a place to belong!


Who doesn’t love free food? Once per month, we meet after Church in the Community Room at 11:45am for a free lunch. This is a great chance to get to know new people and get plugged in.


If you would like to come, let us know. We would love to save you a seat for Church as well!

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